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We’re on a mission to democratize access to policymaking

Harnessing the power of technology and crowdsourcing, we are on a mission to revolutionize access to policy insights and open the strategic doors of government affairs to innovators everywhere.

Our transformative approach does not just empower policymakers with the knowledge to shape a better future for our economy and society-it also levels the playing field.

Government affairs, once a privilege of the big players, is now within your reach.

The state of Innovation and Policy access

Lacking access to the power of regulatory trends

Government actions have the power to shape markets and create significant drivers or barriers. Gartner highlights that compliance ranks as a primary concern among customers, significantly influencing their purchasing choices.

Yet, startups and innovative firms frequently find themselves out of the loop, lacking crucial insights into upcoming regulatory changes and government initiatives and often missing the opportunity to influence these critical developments.

Gain the competitive edge you need with our insights—stay informed, stay ahead, and shape the future of your industry.

Why OpenPolicy

We empower our clients to take a seat at the table

OpenPolicy is your gateway to mastering the policy landscape and future regulations.

We bridge the information gap by providing tailored insights into upcoming regulations, policy forecasts, and crucial business development intelligence. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we bring innovative entities together to power impactful advocacy.

We connect you with top policy experts to enhance coalition engagement and amplify your voice.

The OpenPolicy team

Dr. Amit Elazari

CEO & Co-Founder

David Uzan

CTO & Co-Founder

Nataly Trister

Business Operation Director

Michelle Shahar

Cybersecurity Policy Director

Tom Weiss

R & D Manager

Emily Elaine Coyle

Senior Advisor, U.S. Federal Relations

Policy advisory board to be publicly announced soon

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